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Spokane Visa?
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There is no such a thing


Spokane VisaThere is no Spokane Visa required to enter Spokane (or Washington).


The United States and Canada require visas (for certain countries); and those visa carry with them the power that allows an immigrant to submit an application for admission to the United States (or the country where the applicant is presenting such document).


The bearer’s petition will be classified to a certain extent, which depends on whether he/she is a student, a visitor, or a temporary worker.


For the huge number of immigrants from different countries relocating to the United States, there is great news. Approximately one million of them successfully receive green cards every year and 30 million are handed temporary visas – tourist, labor, and student visas, respectively.


A visa (again, there is not such a thing as a Spokane Visa) is not the sole basis for the immigrant to enter the United States. It does not grant the bearer the right to admission. It is the Department of State that has the responsibility to adjudicate visas at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad.  It distributes a limited number of visas each year.


The Immigration Service, on the other hand, admits immigrants who arrive with a valid visa.


Since the United States issues two types of visas (Immigrant and Nonimmigrant), citizens of other countries could either:


  • Move permanently to the United States and acquire an immigrant visa, or

  • Travel to the United States for a limited time. This category includes foreign exchange students, business executives, or tourists vying for nonimmigrant visas.


Typically, the process starts with a visa petition.


  • Approval:
    • If the petition is approved, the corresponding approval document will be delivered to the consulate in the country where the beneficiary is. The consulate will process the visa application.

    • The immigrant will get a visa that is valid for about 6 months; the visa is actually a packet being forwarded to the US Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) so that a green card can be made.

    • The permanent resident card passport will be stamped with admission of acceptance.

  • At the Border:

    • Once the visa is issued, the immigrant can come to the U.S. where, at the border, he is inspected by an INS agent. Immigration officials inspect immigrants entering the states at a port of entry, as well as the duration and conditions of stay. They determine whether the said immigrant is eligible to be admitted or excluded.  This is done in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

Working in Spokane or any U.S. city is a big hurdle for nonimmigrants (aliens admitted on a temporary basis). But, some nonimmigrants may be permitted to work for a short period of time, depending on the type of visa they receive. It should be noted that nonimmigrants are not eligible for citizenship through naturalization. If nonimmigrants wish to remain in the United States on a permanent basis, then what they should do is to apply for permanent admission.
Regardless of nationality, all individuals who apply at a consulate or embassy abroad are screened before the visa is issued. With stricter visa laws, immigrants should comply with requirements in order to enjoy the privilege of a hassle-free travel in the United States.

Traveling to Spokane to enjoy the perks of being near nature, a near perfect kind of thing, an immigrant must first have an approved U.S. Visa.

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