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Spokane Green Card
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Spokane Green Card is the immigrant identification in the United States (not only Spokane). Not only is it an identification and permanent card, it also refers to the immigration route in acquiring a permanent residency status.

Although the present green card is no longer green (today colored pink), the primary purpose remains essentially the same – to continue serving as proof that its holder (a Lawful Permanent Resident) has been officially granted immigration benefits.


Immigration benefits include permission to reside and take employment in all states of the United States.
In terms of admission and exclusion procedures at the border, the immigrant, if admitted, will be asked if he holds a green card. The validity of the card is 10 years from the date of issue. It is interesting to note that residency does not expire in ten years, only that the card must be replaced.


With the green card present, the alien is assured that he is registered with the government. Here are important things to note about Spokane Green Card:


  • This card is not really a work permission card. While it does give the right to work legally in Spokane, its main function is to identify the holder as a permanent resident.

  • Given that the opportunities are endless when the immigrant has it, he must maintain permanent resident status.

  • The ability to travel in and out of Spokane is not limited. Freedom to travel is an important benefit of a green card holder.

  • Remember though, that no matter how much an immigrant travels, his permanent home must be in Spokane. He must not spend more than six months away from the Lilac City or the card will be revoked.

For those with close family members living in Spokane, Washington state, the access to green cards might not be tedious at all. If they are willing, they may be able to help them immigrate. It simply depends on:

  • What relation they have — the closer, the more rights will be given under immigration law; and

  • Whether the relatives are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents (green card holders).

U.S. citizens can have the opportunity of bringing more distant relatives than green card holders can. In addition, the relatives brought by U.S. citizens are allowed to immigrate faster in most cases than those brought by lawful permanent residents.


Finally, does an immigrant need a lawyer for a Spokane Green Card?

To answer this question, it is important to note that not all immigrants are able to handle the application process for a family-based visa on their own, and some experience:


  • having trouble dealing with paperwork or understanding the instructions

  • having complications in the law, such as a criminal record and past visa overstays in the U.S
That being said, a lawyer is well worth the price for the processing of a Spokane Green Card.

Keeping the immigrant’s green card is simple – Stay and live in Spokane and don’t do anything stupid with the law. Having done so will increase the immigrant’s chance for a U.S. citizenship as he applies for it.

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