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Spokane Immigration Criminal Defense – As unstoppable as the rushing Spokane River, crimes such as driving under the influence (DUI), vehicular manslaughter, assaults, felonies, and serious misdemeanors sometimes happen, and their consequences are devastating.

Being arrested for these crimes may result in a bleak future affecting jobs, personal relationships, and mortgages.


When the person who commits such offenses is an immigrant, stakes are even higher – naturalization disruption and deportation.


Convictions can cause him to lose his immigration status, which dims his chance to become a U.S. citizen.

It is the duty of a Spokane immigration criminal defense lawyer to:

  • Bend every effort to avoid a disposition in the criminal case that will result in deportation; and

  • Defend those accused of criminal offenses with an awareness of the effect on naturalization and immigration


As an immigrant, you are here in Spokane for employment. Here are notes on employment policies:


  • The Labor Certification and qualifications are required for 2nd and 3rd preferences professionals – those with advance degrees having an exceptional ability in the arts and sciences and those with bachelor degrees or skilled and unskilled workers who will fill positions where there is a shortage of U.S. workers respectively.

  • The process of certification requires evaluating whether there is a need for such employee or not. It first seeks to find an American employee suited for the job. Failure to find one with the necessary skills will instead, require looking for an alien to fill the position. Employers should offer, and must be capable of paying, the prevailing wage. An alien should have been hired through a legal recruitment process, such as advertising.

An immigrant who has misbehaved and committed a crime, for example, a DUI, may not be enjoying the privileges that come with employment. Spokane Immigration Criminal Defense practitioners should find this valuable for several reasons:

  • An immigration defense attorney finds it useful to know what is possible to achieve in the criminal courts. The dilemma of an immigrant arrested for a serious crime need not result in deportation or other serious consequences that may be inevitable at first.

  • Criminal defense lawyers may be unaware of the adverse immigration consequences of a particular criminal conviction and of the techniques available in criminal courts for minimizing such effects. Immigration counsel, on the other hand, can offer creative suggestions to criminal defense lawyers for representation of their mutual clients in the criminal courts.

  • Immigration practitioners handle the criminal defense of their clients in certain situations for economic or other practical reasons.

Spokane Immigration Criminal Defense views crime-related immigration cases very essential, since noncitizens are exposed to life-changing immigration consequences of criminal convictions, in addition to the normal punishments for common crimes. There is a fundamental justice requiring the client to be informed of these before a valid plea can be taken.

There is a glaring truth, however, and it is a bit scary:  “Immigration consequences of a criminal conviction may often be far more serious and enduring than the penal consequences.”


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